About Acres of Hope International

General information

Acres of Hope International, Inc., in partnership with Acres of Hope Uganda, exists to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children academically, physically, spiritually, socially and economically via sustainable development that empowers communities.

Acres of Hope International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to Acres of Hope International are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Your contribution is sent to Acres of Hope Uganda (AoH Uganda) on a monthly basis and is used for education, food, clothing, healthcare, spiritual development and social development of the students under AoH Uganda's care. AoH Uganda insures that every sponsored child is in school and their needs are provided for. We do not maintain a separate account for each sponsored child.

100% (less bank fees) of every dollar contributed to Projects supports direct in-country aid in Uganda. Your contribution is sent to AoH Uganda in the month following its receipt.

AoH Uganda is accountable for the funds sent by AoH International. AoH International works very closely on a weekly basis with AoH Uganda and reviews AoH Uganda financial statements on a quarterly basis.

Financial Reporting

Acres of Hope International is committed to full disclosure and accountability for financial reporting. To receive a copy of AOHI financial statements, please request via email: aohi@aohi.org.

AOHI Board of Directors

Michelle Campbell

Michelle became an AOHU child sponsor in 2011 and visited AOHU for the first of many times in 2012. The children have taught her what it means to truly love and rely on God, greeting every day with hope and joy. Her visits to AoH have taught her what it means to love our neighbors, realizing we are here to build each other up.

Joe A. Bubenzer

Joe is a member of Williamsons Chapel UMC where he became familiar with Acres of Hope Mission in Uganda. He is active in WCUMC church programs. Joe traveled with with his wife Pam to Acres of Hope in 2015.

Lizzy Janecek

Lizzy first visited AoH and the surrounding village in the summer of 2016. She describes this first trip as life-defining. The words found in James 2:15-17 came alive. She committed her life to the message that “faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.” She has returned every year since and plans to do so as long as God allows.

Becca Dalessandro

Becca was blessed with the opportunity to spend a few months at Acres of Hope in 2011, witnessing ground breaking and the heart-breaking plight of the children. Seeing the transformation since then reminds her of how powerful and perfect her Father is. There is nowhere else she would rather be.

Leslie Wilson

Leslie became a child sponsor in 2012. She and her daughter were able to travel to AOH in 2017. They both describe this as the best trip ever! To be in place so filled with love for one another and love for God is life changing. To witness the transforming power of AOH on the local community is inspiring. Leslies hope is to inspire others to work on behalf of these precious children and to return to AOH as often as possible.

Mandi Blackmon

Mandi earned her Juris Doctor from the University of North Carolina, and she is currently an attorney in Virginia Beach. One of the first Acres of Hope sponsors, she has been part of the AoH family since the beginning. She sacrifices her time and talents for the good of others, and we are blessed to have her on the team.

John Norman